A comfortable home needs three things: a reliable heating unit, a fluid ventilation system and sustainable air conditioning. Each of these three parts work together to make your comfortable no matter the time of time. We offer competitive prices on all our services along with expert installation for our high quality units. We only offer brands you trust, like Lennox and Mitsubishi, so you know when you buy from us the unit will last you for years.

Some Rooms Are Too Hot. Some Rooms Are Cold.

Now every room in your home can feel just right. No other HVAC system offers all the benefits that a Ductless system does. Ductless system install quickly and easily leaving your home intact without messing with cutting into your framework to install ductwork. They can also be installed anywhere, from a living room in a cozy home to a crazy cafeteria, Ductless system can deliver reliable heating and cooling all year round.

You Could Save $2,000

We offer a Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump that is so cost efficient it could save you money! If you have baseboard/insert wall heaters or ceiling cable changing to a ductless heating pump could equal up to $2000 in your first year. And as power rates increase, and we guarantee they will, your savings will be even greater. We are the only company to offer this amazing product in the entire Magic Valley and we have earn the title of Master Installer from the North West Ductless Heat Pump Project. We have a long standing relationship with Mitsubishi Electric which means that we can offer their best products at competitively low prices.